Pastel Galaxy

I had been really feeling galaxy nails, but being spring and all, I didn’t want to paint my nails black. So why not try galaxy nails in a pastel?

This is actually the second time I’ve ever attempted a galaxy manicure, I just never posted about the first one I tried. I probably will never get around to posting the actual manicure, so here is the galaxy nail. (The other nails aren’t super exciting, just space-themed stamping)


I struggled a lot the first time I tried it–I think getting this right took a few tries–but I think I got the hang of it more this time around. Instead of using only cosmetic sponges this time, I also used regular yellow kitchen sponges, which made for a nicer texture, and I did the base using cremes and only sponged a little glitter on top.


I like these a lot! They don’t look so much like space anymore, but they look pretty darn cool still.


Although looking at these photos, I’m realizing just how much better photos come out when they are taken in natural sunlight. I’ve been using a light box with EXTREMELY cheap lights. I’ll have to look into making my setup better, as I don’t always have the option to take pictures of my nails in the sunlight (although it becomes a little more likely during the summer when the days are longer).