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8 bit heart: Valentine's Day

EKG nails: Valentine's Day

Neon Rainbow Dots


A few weeks back I was feeling a little sad, because it had been weeks since I had done any free-handed nail art on my nails. Between moving and slowly unpacking and painting furniture, I just hadn’t felt it was worth it. But they were feeling a little plain,

Green and Gold Christmas

A few weeks ago my company had their holiday party. Company-hosted parties are always great, but they’re extra fun at a small casual company like mine. As previously mentioned, my company’s mascot is a Ringtail Lemur, so as is my tradition, I of course had to include a

A very Lemur Christmas

One of the nail art groups I belong to on Facebook is starting a new weekly challenge and I’m excited to participate! They used to have two challenges, the Tri-polish challenge, where you painted different designs with the same color scheme of three all month, (which I participated in

Teal gradient with floral stamping

So these are the nails that I had in store for you a few weeks ago, and I LOVE them. I love pop art and I have always loved Roy Lichtenstein (and I have even learned how to spell his name without help! With the Tri Polish Challenge theme of

Pop Art Explosions

So I had an awesome manicure planned for day 2 of August’s Tri-Polish Challenge, but I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make it turn out well, so I did another one as backup, planning to use the second manicure next week, since this is due

Smiley Faces

So I have been part of a nail polish community on Facebook for about a year now and in that time, I have yet to participate in their central challenge, the Tri-Polish challenge. The idea is that a trio of colors is picked each month and your manicures should consist

Rubber Duckies

Warning, this post is super pic heavy! I had a very hard time deciding which photos I liked best and thus ended up liking too many. Nail Polish Canada is having a Summer Nail Art Challenge that involves prizes and stuff and I decided to participate! Make sure to check

Summer Fireflies

I went a little stripe and dots crazy with these. Mostly because I’m not into glitters and stars are a pain to paint well. My primary idea was to do a distressed look, much like these Kate Spade Keds I knocked off of a while back but I had

July 4th Stripes

Did you know that the brain reacts to heartbreak in the same way it reacts to physical pain? “Heartache” isn’t just a metaphor, because when we are rejected by someone who means a lot to us, it actually physically hurts even without an actual injury. The brain is a

Black and white hearts

I had been really feeling galaxy nails, but being spring and all, I didn’t want to paint my nails black. So why not try galaxy nails in a pastel? This is actually the second time I’ve ever attempted a galaxy manicure, I just never posted about the first

Pastel Galaxy

So in my last post I mentioned starting a new job. In this post I’ll talk more about it. I’ll try to keep it short, cause I’m pretty sure you guys come here for the pictures of my nails and not so much for the details of

Ringtail Design

So once I started with the pink manicures this month, I wanted to continue that theme for the rest of the month as well! All my life red has been my favorite color, but I have really been excited about the color pink lately! Maybe it’s because I’m

Pink Confetti

Pink Cherry Blossoms

Neon Pink nails with Marc Jacobs Daisies

First Day of Spring