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Valentines Day

I cannot for the life of me remember if I saw these somewhere in other colors, or if I thought of them myself, but it is more than likely that I saw them somewhere and imitated them. Mostly I was excited about my new purple color from Revlon. I think CVS was having one of their sales where they get rid of inventory by selling it at 75% off.

The pink and purple is a little cutesy and childish, but I still like it.

Hearts like this are a cool nail design because they are relatively simple to draw. I learned this from my mom back when fabric painting your own clothes was really big in the 90s. You simply make two dots next to one another and drag the polish down to meet in a tip.

2008-12-31-23.00.00-12The colors in this shot are much more accurate, but by the time I photographed these with a real camera they were pretty old.

I think if I had tried to make the heart in the exact same spot each time, they would not have come out quite so cute. Purposeful irregularity makes it so much easier to hide mistakes!