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Blurple Blooish

Okay, this was really exciting! Sally Beauty Supply had this Halloween set on sale for $3.49! That’s a fantastic price for a SINGLE bottle of China Glaze, let alone 4! The glitter is kind of weird, but it also comes with a glow-in-the-dark top coat, so I think that is a win.

2013-02-25-14.01.17I haven’t tried the glitter, but I don’t understand how someone thought that would look good, even conceptually. It’s like, orange and blue micro glitters floating in a sea of silver glitter.

I painted my nails the red color and LOVED it. Orange-red colors are great. It’ll make for a fantastic summer color too, especially for pedicures. I did not get a picture of it.

Next I painted my nails with the purpleish blueish color. They named it something like “Blurple Blooish.” Then I painted some sort of flakie glitter on top, but by now have forgotten what it was.

2008-12-31-23.00.00-3I wonder what I did to my pinky nail to get that weird scratch. This is why I should stay on top of my blogging better.<2008-12-31-23.00.00-4It’s actually a nicer color without the glitter on top, because it has a nice sheen to it that you can even see in the bottle.

I’ll have to re-swatch it sometime without the glitter.