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40 Great Nail Art Ideas -- Films

This films prompt was tough on me. I’m not a huge movie watcher. I don’t mean that in the elitist, “I don’t even own a television” way, I watch a shitton of TV, but the length and pacing of movies just does not suit my attention span very well. I’m usually doing other things when the TV is on, as well, and the penalty for missing something in the plot of a movie is much higher. Because that plot is going to be happening for the next 2 hours.

So anyway, I didn’t really want to do a favorite movie, but my friend Kenley suggested I do popcorn instead! I liked the iconic, but playful feel and I went with it!

This was the first iteration, but I wasn’t loving having popcorn on all 4 nails, it was a little overwhelming to me, so I tried a few other things as well.


I tried other movie snacks, but those were a trainwreck. Then I added some marquis lights, in an attempt to invoke the vintage theater feel, and I was kind of digging that!
I’m pleased with the final result, but looking back at the photos, I think I like the original manicure best! movie-marquis-lights-nails

I really need to get my lighting in this new house figured out, yo. I used to rely on sunlight to take my photos, but that’s a very rare occurrence over the winter months in Tacoma. I literally leapt up from my desk in the middle of work in order to take these! (I work from home, although I’ve definitely taken nail photos at work. My desk at my last job got GREAT sun.)

And the manis from the rest of the challenge participants!

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