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40 Great Nail Art Ideas--Halloween

Happy Halloween! I knew weeks ago that I wanted to do cute monster nails for Halloween, but I wanted to guarantee that they were unique and different from any other cute monster manicure! So instead of Halloween colors, I went with pink! That decisions also does double duty and until I get the majority of my nail polish in the move, I don’t own any orange nail polish, nor any particularly interesting greens. I mostly packed fall colors for this in-between period of the move.


But oh my gosh, I LOVE them! I only had three pinks with me, one of them being the very pale pink that is on the ghost and vampire nails, but it totally worked! I’m not particularly into the creepy parts of Halloween, so this manicure is PERFECT for me.


Originally I wanted to do a pink gradient under each of them, but it turns out I didn’t have any makeup sponges in the apartment, and I didn’t think my boyfriend would be very happy with me if I ruined our one dishwashing sponge to do my nails. The graphic solid skittle turned out much better than I expected, though!


Seriously, I love them. That Frankenstein nail took me at least 3 tries. I kept trying to do his eyes in black with white pupils like the vampire, but with his brow ridge (and the lack of contrast on the dark pink), it looked like sunglasses every. single. time. I found my failures ironic, considering that I’ve actually painted an entire manicure of him before, so I was expecting the vampire or mummy to be the difficult ones, not the design I had already succeeded with in my early years of nail art!


And, the other ladies’ manicures! Enjoy, there are some pretty great ones!

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