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First nails of Spring!

I was craving some bright colors on my nails to banish the winter blues. Inspired by the warmer weather (although the past few days have been chilly again!), I needed to make my nails happier to match my good mood. And what better color than green? On top is one of my Konad knock-offs. I couldn’t decide between flowers and butterflies and was considering alternating patterns on my nails until I found this one! 

Forgive the cut on my cuticle! I think it is a papercut from cardboard.
It’s kind of a tiny spring scene, but I am no good at stamping so I tried to take a picture of the nail I did the best job on, my thumb. I don’t think the butterfly on the top made it onto this nail, however, it definitely showcases the delicate scrollwork between the flowers a little better. I love this stamp, it just embodies spring to me.
Maybe some day I will improve my picture taking!
I used two Sally Hansen polishes, one of which I purchased solely to create my android nails, the other I purchased during one of CVS’s semi annual clearance events, when they make tons of makeup products 75% off in order to get rid of them. I’m not sure if it is actually an official thing, but I definitely see it about twice a year. 
Going Green and Lickety-Split Lime
Actually, my toes are currently painted with the same lime, with a coat of green holo on top. If you’re looking for a cheap holo, I highly recommend the set by Kleancolor. I’ll post a review of all 6 colors later.