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Denim nails

I love, love, love, love, love these. Of course I need to improve my photo skills as usual. But eh, life goes on. 
I had bought a few different blue colors at one of CVS’s semi-annual sales (that they don’t advertise) where random make-up and nail polishes are on sale for 50% and 75% off. They reminded me sooo much of denim, since they were blues with a sort of warm gray undertone if that makes any sense. Thus I had to create denim nails!

Cute little white stitching! Gold is more classic on jeans, but all the colors I had looked  bad as stitching.
Not as cute pocket stitching. But you can see my attempts at using gold.
Figuring out the right colors took a lot of tries, so despite how easy they were to actually do, the whole process took a long time. However, once I finished the decisions on color it went rather quickly. Sometimes I make a gradient on my nails, and ideally I like to use makeup sponges. But disorganized as I am, I often end up using cheap socks that don’t fit as they can be found in abundance on my floor. When I am doing a usual gradient, this means I need to be very careful not to let the knitted pattern on the socks show. But in this case, that pattern was exactly what I needed!

That blue on the end, such an amazing color.
I “stamped” about 3 different colors onto my nails, a China Glaze navy called First Mate, and two of those warm Revlon blues. A light and a dark, called Chic and Fashionista, respectively.