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First splatter nails

This manicure marks my first attempt at splatter nails. I wanted to be embody a vaguely Christmas spirit, without a blatant CHRISTMAS theme. Gold and red does that job nicely. I cannot remember where I found the idea, but [this ](http://www.seventeen.com/fashion/blog/splatter-nails-tutorial)is a tutorial for what I did. The basic idea is you use a straw that has paint on one end and blow quickly and forcefully through the other while you hold it over your nail. I dipped the straw directly in the bottle, instead of making little puddles to work with as the tutorial suggests. I have no idea if that helps or hinders the process.


Forgive the crappy quality. I’m still working on my skills there.Now, as cool and almost “organic”-looking as these nails are, they are a huge pain to do. And rather stressful as you feel as though you are wasting so much nail polish. They take a fair amount of time, and you obviously cannot control where the spatters go on your nails. Which means they also make a huge mess. I probably should have taped around my fingers first… However, I think with some time you could perfect your technique, and for those who are more “art” challenged can create nails that look much more professional and interesting than attempting to draw shaky flowers with toothpicks (I am referring to my early nail art in high school and before. I’m sure you all MUST be brilliant artists).

This shows you the detail of the splatters a little better but is still a pretty crappy photo

I do love the end result though, it almost looks as though I applied random bits of gold leaf all over my nails due to the amazing tone of the gold. Revlon makes a set of metallics that come out AMAZINGLY (they even stamp well!) and are at most $6 a bottle at CVS but can be found much cheaper at Target or Walmart and CVS has frequent sales on Revlon products.