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First Post

First post in my new blog! I’ll start off with the two manicures that started it all. I posted them on Facebook months ago, and since then I have been encouraged by many to start a nail-blog. Of course, I don’t ever do things halfway, and with the distraction of school, I have not had the time to give this blog the proper theme it deserved. My nails are not the only things that should be pretty, clearly the blog should be too! Admittedly, my title image needs some work, and perhaps a photo editing software that costs more than “free” will help that. Or not trying to edit photos on a netbook. Someday…

I really enjoyed this manicure. It looks more impressive that it is, despite the fact that it is free-handed and I am no art student. One trick is the accent nail; my short patience makes doing all of them impossible. I’m a busy girl, I have other things to do!

They weren’t very long this week I suppose.

The other trick, was as opposed to trying to draw each check separately, I drew black lines across in a lattice, then filled in the leftover squares, first with white so the red would show up, then with the red. So I only had to draw about five of the checks.
I am the laziest photoshopper ever. The main point is what I mean when  I use the word “lattice”
This next manicure I did with inspiration from my friend Shreya. One day at work we were discussing how adorable the little android icon is and one of us realized just how great of a manicure pal he would be, posed against a nice black backdrop! No matter what else I do, to me, this will always be my favorite manicure. It ties the two sides of me, the girly girl side that loves hair, make-up, nails and all things beauty and the geeky, tech, computer science girl in me.
I think the peeking is soooo cute!
Excuse the terrible quality, I took this picture with my boyfriend’s phone at night lit by his floor lamp. His phone is waaay to big for my hand so taking a non-shaky picture took quite a few tries.

So that ends my first post. And that’s why we are the way we are today.