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Memorial Day--Blue Camo Tips

So for Memorial Day this year I tried to go beyond the patriotism of the holiday and also capture the militaristic aspect of it. I knew I wanted to paint blue camo, but what I wanted to do with that took some thought as well as a lot of trial and error. Eventually I settled on doing blue camo only on the tips, and placing some red rectangular rhinestones underneath that.

I was trying to go for a sort of military strips and bars look with the three on the accent nail.
I actually put a lot more rhinestones on the accent nail originally and ended up hating it. Since I didn’t feel like re-doing the whole nails, I only took off the rhinestones, but that messed up the black line a bit.
I actually used tape for the bottom of the black lines, so other than the accent nail, I am pretty happy with how neat that looks.
I really like the look of this blue camo, although I am not sure it would be clear it was camo if I didn’t tell you.
I’m not thrilled with how these photographed, but I like the design a lot. Now that I have whitened my nails up, I think I’ll be on a french tips kick for the next few weeks! Should be fun! And very summery. Just like me, my nails will be wearing a lot less clothes than we were over the winter!