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Neon Pink nails with Marc Jacobs Daisies

I’m super psyched about this whole spring thing, although after this weekend it’s going to go back to being cold. The weather is calling for snow on Tuesday again. BUT I don’t care! It is officially spring and I am painting PINK ON MY NAILS ALL DAY E’R DAY! I went SUPER neon for the first day of spring. I haven’t worn neon pinks in quite a while, probably because I never liked how they came out. But with the resurgence of neon as a trend last season, I now know that you’re supposed to paint white under neons. Two coats of white, and this came out great! Sadly, this color was too goopy to even be saved by nail polish thinner and I tossed it. However, this manicure was a good way for it to go out.

Now I have good news and bad news. In bad news, my camera was not a fan of getting color correct pictures. In good news, I am capable enough at video editing to get one that looks close. So this is them taken in my lightbox, as I normally do. They look great, but that’s really not what the pink looks like.


This is them in the natural sunlight. Not really much closer. Although you can see the neon better here, just not the right tone of pink.


So here, the pink is right, but the gold is totally off. But isn’t that pink awesome!


I originally was going to put yellow centers in the daisies, but the brilliance of the pink deserved something better. So gold! I love this gold. It’s from this year’s holiday collection from China Glaze. Seriously, Mingle with Kringle is my jam.