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Pink Cherry Blossoms

OH MY GOODNESS BIGGEST NEWS EVER. Okay actually it’s not big news at all, but I managed to make cherry blossoms that looked GOOD for the first time EVER. I think having good brushes for art really helps. This is what happened last time I attempted cherry blossoms. If you clicked the link, you’ll notice that those are not even floral at all. Florals are definitely not my strong suit, so finding floral patterns that I can repeat has been really exciting for me.


The cherry blossoms were so delicate of a pattern that I thought I’d just leave them as an accent, and I’m happy with that choice. I did that little shwoosh on another manicure in January, loved it, but never blogged about it. It might be one of my favorite simple patterns that I think anyone can recreate (although they’d want a small brush).


Also exciting, I actually created this manicure using only one brand of polish, Milani. I never do that, but I happened to have 3 pinks from them that worked perfectly in this instance. Okay, the black is China Glaze, but it doesn’t count, cause creme blacks are generally pretty similar regardless of brand.

I’ve got to say, I love that base pink so much! It looked good in two coats, although I did 3 on a few troublesome nails. That kind of coverage is pretty rare for such a light color.


And of course I had to give you a close up of my accent nail. I am just so darn proud of these! I even managed to replicate the blossoms using my left hand!