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First Day of Spring

I’m long past ready for springtime, aren’t you? This winter has been frigidly cold for everyone. It just snowed here AGAIN on Monday. And even though it still doesn’t feel like spring yet, I can at least start rocking some spring nails.

These I actually pulled out of the vault, as I have been too busy this week to put on a new manicure, plus I have a few in my queue to paint in upcoming weeks. But these are the perfect spring nails.


Hm, I apparently used to wear my nails really long. I like them at the current length I’ve been rocking, though. More practical. My cuticles are also in much better shape now. I’ll have to post on the products I have been using soon. Hint, I’ve been experimenting with homemade deodorant and lotion bars lately and I am too cheap to try Lush Lemony Flutter.


I really loved this manicure as it was VERY simple to do. The flowers are made entirely of simple dots. Even the leaves are made with the same dotting tool. The only thing I would change, is I would paint the leaves before the flowers, so they look more accurate spatially.


You can tell these are not current. NOTHING in Maryland is this green right now. Man, I can’t wait for warm weather.