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The Cactus Call Girl

So I too do not want to miss out on the chance to dress in the bare minimum of clothing (pun intended) on the sluttiest night of the year, Halloween. However, I still wanted to be able to take pride in my costume for its creativity, and decided to be a Sexy Cactus or a Slutty Saguaro. I made this whole costume from scratch and I am very proud. Never before have I sewn a whole dress (so of course I choose satin as my material…terrible choice). And predictably, I painted nails to match for when I went out Saturday night.

I gotta say, I love, love, love the hat. Originally just aesthetically, but it definitely made my night out much more entertaining. I definitely stabbed a few people in the face by accident, but my favorite was the dude who was pretty upset about it (and pretty drunk) but got over it pretty quickly after I smiled at him a few times. I can tell he was over it because he asked me to dance and then tried to kiss me less than 2 minutes later (Although I was having none of that. I just met ya dude; I don’t think so). Oh the power of a pretty smile. Or boobs, it might also be the power of boobs.

I also really really love these nails. The metallic polish was a BITCH to work with (I’m pretty sure that is about 3 very very careful coats) but with the stripes on top that have no shimmer, there is a really cool contrast that almost looks three-dimensional.

DSCN2371I wish I could find a silver metallic like this. By the way, the brand is Pure Ice from Walmart for the base.