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Vintage 4th of July

 I am totally obsessed with vintage. It can take anything ridiculous and somehow make it classy. Want a circus-themed wedding? Sounds like it could be tacky. which I just actually typed as taxi. I may or may not be watching 30 Rock while typing this. How about a VINTAGE circus-themed wedding? Sounds delightful!

Every year I have a hard time painting my nails for the Fourth because I dislike predictability. I stared at like 25 polishes and my nail stamps for quite some time before I figured this one out. Cause, who doesn’t like dots!

I am getting so much better at pictures! Or I started taking them with the highest quality settings possible on my phone
I. Love. These. The blue refuses to be photographed correctly. Originally I was going to go more classic and make the red ones striped and the blue dotted, but then I realized drawing 8 nails with stripes would make me want to hurt something. So I pretended I wanted to be different and switch it up! When really I am just lazy.
I like the surprise sparkly bits bestest of course.
This may not be my best quality blog post as far as words go…late nights are not my friend.