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Bridal Nails (Finally!)

So I promised bridal nails quite some time ago… Sorry about that; this semester was a bitch. I actually did these over a month ago and never posted them. Please forgive my atrocious cuticles and broken nails. At least my short pointer finger allows me to demonstrate that a proper french manicure can make a short nail look longer.
Everyone loves a french manicure when it comes to weddings, so I tried to give some variations of that popular theme. Also not my best work; it’s hard to commit to the necessary artistry when I know I’m only doing these for pictures..

I absolutely love the glitter fade. It can be done in any color and is a fantastic way to glitz up an outfit without overdoing it too much. Usually I do a layer in a similar lighter glitter. I’ve found the best way to make the fade is to sponge on layers of the glitter polish. If you try to paint it on, the tips of your nails will be ridiculously thick.
a better view of the heart
This is my other hand, much less exciting. But it shows some simpler variations on the french tip. The pinky is a french tip with a layer of white glitter on top. Then of course once can do a small colored stripe below the white, perhaps in one of your theme colors. Tips can of course, also be done in colors other than white. . I have a friend getting married soon whose wedding colors are peach and champagne, but I have to admit peach does not make a very good tip color. 
more glitter!
 Now these I carefully planned out and I am IN LOVE. Right now I’m pretty sure these will be the nails I wear to my wedding. I love spectacular nails, but even I want to keep it classy on my wedding day. These still allow nail art, and I love the subtle naughty theme, bridal lingerie, but on your nails! On my left hand, I did an accent nail that represents the garter.

Deliciously naughty without broadcasting it to the world
And the back of a corset adorns my thumb
My right hand has a bustier and a veil. No one really got it was a veil, but that’s cool. 

Detail of bustier. I love saying that word out loud.
Detail of veil
My original idea was simply to have a single garter on my ring finger and nothing else. The classic accent nail, but also of course the ring finger is obviously symbolic on a wedding day. I added the other nails for demonstrative purposes, but without a doubt I’d rather just have the single garter.
Detail of garter
Still working on my photography skills. I really think proper lighting would do the trick, but I may need to invest in a camera.