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Southwestern Jewelry

That turquoise nail is just so cool!

I adore these. I wore them to contra dancing, and I don’t remember exactly what made me start thinking about Southwestern jewelry, but I love the result.

The accent nail is done by splattering black paint with a straw over a that blue/turquoise color. I am in love with the result, and if splattering were not so time consuming and messy, I would make a whole hand of nails that looked like they were made of turquoise. It’s such a cool stone! The stamps are actually two different stamps, one for the lizard and one for the tips. I don’t know why I was having such a hard time stamping them though! I guess I always have a hard time with stamping across my tips, and then the lizard is probably from one of the Konad knock-offs that are not very good quality.