/ Halloween

Happy Halloween!

I am crazy proud of these nails, both in the idea and the execution. I have the cutest skeleton stamp, so I knew I wanted my next Halloween nails to be bone themed. I ended up making them kind of like stylized Xrays of some of the cooler looking sets of bones in the body. I’ve got a wrist on both my thumb and index finger, ribs on my middle, a spine on my ring finger and a skull on my pinky.


These came out SO COOL. The base color is called Bare Bones. I knew I wanted a pale beige, so when it turned out I owned a Revlon in that color by that name, it was serendipity. I love my thumb, the bones look so delicate!



I knew there was little to no chance I could replicate this on my right hand, so I did the spine on my ring finger, since it was simple enough, and stamped the rest. The skeleton stamp on my index and pinky fingers inspired the whole manicure. He’s so cute and I just want to be his friend!


So you’re probably already thinking these are pretty cool, right? Just wait, they get better! My friend had the bright idea that I should paint my nails with my glow in the dark topcoat before I painted the bones on. BRILLIANT. What’s even better, is this time I figured out how to get a picture of that! Really slow shutter speed, patience and a blacklight did the trick.



So. Damn. Cool.