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A very late Thanksgiving

I did some beautiful fall manicures in November and I am sorry you did not get to see them when they were relevant! Currently it is Christmas Eve and snowing…not exactly Thanksgiving anymore.

So instead you get one compilation post that is VERY picture heavy.

First ones I did, I was trying to imitate a cherry pie, in honor of the pies we eat on Thanksgiving. This one actually had two versions. The first I tried to use crackle polish to imitate the way a pastry looks. Not awful…but not great either. I think the problem was the red underneath was too reminiscent of Christmas.

The accent nails was tricky to paint as under the “pie crust” paint, it is entirely large glitters I put on thinking they would look more like cherries. Large glitter does not make a nice flat surface for painting, no matter how much Seche Vite you put on top.

It ALMOST looks how I envisioned it. So in Cherry pie 2.0 I gave up on the crackle polish and just painted all my nails a nice solid red color.

The picture isn’t as good though since I took it once it was already night-time, using my mom’s artificial sunlight lamp.The next nails were inspired by the hand turkeys we all drew in grade school. I’m not too thrilled with the execution, but artistically they look nice.

The head looks cute…
The feathers look nice…
But I think they are too small and too far away from one another to see clearly what I was trying to do.

These last nails also took two tries. The first version, my idea was to do a kind of gradation of leaves across my nails, from green to yellow to red to brown, symolizing the passage of time in autumn, as the leaves slowly die and then fall. I didn’t hate how it turned out, but it was kind of busy and I didn’t exactly love it either.

I don’t hate them, they just did not come out like I envisioned

The second try I chose only the brown and red side of the fall leaf spectrum and I liked it much much better. I actually stamped with a crackle here, and discovered that crackle does not crack when it is stamped.

The kind of coppery color is the crackle. The sparkly leaf on the bottom.<DSCN2521
I love these
So you get three pictures

In conclusion, this post was structured exactly like McCaslin told us to structure our 5 paragraph expository essays. The first paragraph should be your second best, the second your worst, and the last should be your WOW point. Structured like a beautiful woman. Clearly McCaslin is a leg-man.