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Velociraptor nails

The debut of my velociraptor nails!! These need no introduction, but since I am a bit of a talker, you get one anyway. Nah, I’ll put it at the end, no need to make you wade through any extra words for this.

So cute! I like his angry eyebrows :)

The scratches were Clarissa’s idea. She’s pretty smart, and boy do they look nice!

I am THRILLED with how well these turned out. I’m a big fan of the “Jurassic ferns” they are hiding in. Kind of pull the whole look together.

Of course, I did these for a weekend where I visited the boy mentioned in my last post. The one who apparently doesn’t want to talk to me. At least he appreciated my nails then. But in good news, we went to a movie store and saw Jurassic Park in one of the sale bins. And it validated just how AWESOME I did at imitating the feel of the movie!

2012-08-31-15.11.45I mean, look at those scratches! They look exactly the same!