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Crayons are for Cool Kids

I would argue that these too fit into my “Back to School” theme from before. (Despite the fact that I did these first.) Although crayons are great at all times of year really.

My personal favorite is the sparkly purple pinky crayon. Not because I painted it best, but the sparkly crayons were always my favorite growing up.

Gotta say, I really liked these. I would like to do them again, preferably with a better quality black nail polish. I should have used nail polish thinner on mine before I did these; I probably would have ended up with much smoother lines. Oh well.

2012-09-09-22.57.49I am told the blue nail captures the essence of a crayon best? What do you think?I’ve just really been into crayons lately. And coloring. For example, I recently discovered that I apparently flirt with boys by coloring them pictures, taking a photo, and sending it to them. It seems to work for me, but that’s probably not due to this suave flirting technique of mine. Or maybe they do think it is cute. Who knows?

This one is me as a princess. I even made her eyebrows thicker and drew in my eye freckle.

This one was for my friend who has been having girl troubles. So less of a flirt, and more of a digital hug I guess?

I was GOING TO color a really cool dinosaur for someone I THOUGHT was really cool, but he seems to have lost any interest in talking to me. His loss. He loses out on me AND a really great personalized dinosaur picture. Okay, my loss too. I did enjoy talking to him. But no matter, life goes on. And in the end, I am the winner. Because I am the one with the 64 pack of crayons and the dinosaur coloring book.

And you know what, I think I am going to stick with assuming boys find my pictures endearing and adorable. Optimism is always a preferable state of mind.