/ brights


I painted these to match a dress I wore to a wedding and to Easter services the day after. The dress was primarily blue, but I hate being matchy-matchy so instead I highlighted the oranges from the flowers on the dress.

I was going for an orange camouflage pattern to experiment with different colored camo. But of course I also wanted glitter, so it’s got that layered on top too. However, I’m going to have to do more experimentation with colored camo. Perhaps it needs to have more variation, or black bits to make it look more correct? I’m not sure.

DSCN2889DSCN2898Holographic glitter! It is impossible to photograph just how cool this stuff looks in the sunlight.

My friend Sarah said they reminded her of Jupiter. I liked that! They admittedly were not very Eastery, but they were still pretty!