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Motorcycle nails

Ugh, my index fingers have been breaking, so this is the first post you have seen in a while where I have “short” nails. Short for me at least.

Now, I did not paint these with motorcycles in mind. I actually wanted to do galaxy nails and got out a whole bunch of blacks, blues and glitters.

Sooooo pretty, so I took a picture!

Then galaxy nails felt like a lot of work and the blog I was reading to get the directions for the galaxy nails (you can see it in my picture!) had done some really cool things with striping tape. So I decided I should break out the striping tape I never ever use. I was planning to use the black, but I found the chrome so I worked with that instead. I am more than pleased with the results.

Trying some new poses!

Now, once I finished my left hand, I was not looking forward to doing the left. It was very easy to do, but time-consuming. Patience–not my strong suit. I simplified the right hand, but for funsies, I made my thumbs a little more complicated.

Extra special thumb detailing

I also got to use the little bead-stud things I got from on my accent nail. These were a paaaain in the but, particularly on my right hand. On the left though, I managed to get a relatively straight line. They’re actually too small to pick up with tweezers, but at least can be moved around on the nail using the tweezers.

Accent nail details

Now, let me tell you why these are my motorcycle nails. I went on a motorcycle ride for the first time last Wednesday and it was AWESOME! And, coincidentally, I had done my nails in these color over the weekend, and they perfectly matched his bike! Especially the chrome, since that is not such a typical nail color. But really, what are the odds I’d pick blue and black the same week? I was going to steal a picture of the motorcycle off his facebook to show you how well my nails match, but the only picture he has was taken in the shade and you can’t see the blue of the bike at all. So you’ll have to just imagine how well they must have matched.