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UPCOMING: Bridal Nails!

Given the amount of friends I have with impending nuptials (okay, just two, but that’s way more than usual) I want to do a whole post on nail options for brides. Ranging from subtle twists on the french manicure to ones full of sparkle to ones that are a little more edgy and funky. I’ll make sure to incorporate nails with and without stamps to accommodate those who are stamp-challenged (meaning those who do not own any) but I will also try to post a link to where you can buy each stamp I use.

To whet your appetite; here is a video (that I did not make…) with an wedding nails tutorial.

These are done by a youtuber who goes by 

cutepolish. I recommend checking out her tutorials. Because they are absolutely awesome. And adorable. Most are also doable even for the artistically challenged, although the final result looks as though it were extremely difficult. Thank you Shreya for sending me one of her links!