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Yaaaaay Wordpress!

First, the obvious: today marks the official transfer of my blog from Blogger to hosting it myself using WordPress! It’s not totally done, so expect some theme changes. I am also in the process of creating a new header image. The old one was nice (and is on my business cards) but I think I can do much better. I have a few ideas but have not quite figured out how to enact them.

I also would like to apologize for being so absent. It’s been a crazy few weeks, but I think I got my schedule ironed out. I have a lot of insteresting manicures from the past few weeks that I need to post about.  Look forward to some cool stuff. Including velociraptors. I also plan to do a series about varies interesting nails that would be appropriate in a variety of professional settings, from the everyday business casual, to the interview, to perhaps even business professional. This obviously has direct relevance to my life as I am job seeking now in preparation for my graduation in May.

Of course I did nails for the occasion. My original thought was to make some little WordPress logos on each nails, but that sounded like a lot of work and I just was not feeling it. So as I was scrolling through my facebook wall for unrelated reasons, I chanced across this post and thought its combintion of simplicity and glitter captured the moment perfectly! Particularly since this look clearly can still be rocked by short nails–mine had to be cut as I let them get too long and they started breaking.

We all know I like to use glitter on my nails whenever I am celebrating something, so obviously WordPress needed its own party nail! I themed it by using the wordpress colors of dark blue and light grey. Dark blue and white might have been more accurate, but I hate painting my nails white.

The borders are painstaking to do, but surprisingly easy. The nails on my right hand are almost indistingushable from those on my left.

And I am in loooove with the accent nail. I should have chosen a brighter color for the rhinestones, but I was really stuck on my color theme. Ah well.

2012-09-30-11.19.02I think I like this angle for taking pictures!

Feeling the rhinestones down the accent nail feels suuuper cool. I definitely forsee this becoming a tic this week, particularly when I get nervous or bored. It feels like a dinosaur! How is that not cool? This may have inspired a dinosaur themed nail for the future, so look forward to those (different from the velociraptor ones mentioned previously, so you have TWO sets of dinosaurs to look forward to. Excited yet?).