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Go Team USA!

I realized I ought to make Olympics nails for multiple reasons. One, because, well, GO TEAM USA! And two, because I’d like to capitalize on the popularity of the Olympics. However, I was really scared of creating something too tacky, and I didn’t even want to attempt the 5 rings on that small of a scale. I considered some torches, but wasn’t really feeling it. Then I realized rows of medals would be pretty.

Almost nautical
I know I never show pictures of the steps, but I could have stopped at any one of these steps and still had a very lovely manicure. 
These remind me of superheros!
 These I actually did not do a topcoat on these, which is extremely out of character! However, the red is a “matte suede” texture (as Revlon calls it) and I thought it might look better without a shiny topcoat, as the 
Final Product
The double medals do not “mean” anything, as people keep asking me. I just like my nails to not be identical.