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Back to School!

The exclamation point is deceiving–I am not particularly excited to go back to school. I am, however, excited to show you this manicure! I did it a little late (about two weeks after school started, posted about 3 weeks after that), but I was rather happy with the results. I am also happy with how easy this manicure was to actually do. I gauge this by the result of the work done by my left hand–if the nails on my right hand look good, I assume anyone can do it.

so cute! I need to get myself a nice art pen in white though. For smooooth lines.

I’m super into the detail on the accent nail. I actually sponged some grey on top of the black so it would look more like an actual blackboard, one that has been used and erased. Especially since even a perfectly clean blackboard is not really black, but a dark, dark grey. Apparently I did not take a close-up of that nail though, so you will just have to take my word on its awesomeness.