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Blue and pink Hearts

Happy Valentines’ Day, everyone! I spent the morning digging my car out so I could go to my all-important job that my managers do not feel I could accomplish at home. (I could. How do they think I graduated college if I wasn’t capable of working at home?).

But to more pleasant things. The theme for this challenge is “inspired by love” and I was drawing a bit of a blank on this one. AND I was a manicure short for this challenge since these roses are not coming off my nails until the 15th. So I started flipped through my (many) manicures I have photographed that I have not blogged about, to see if there was anything good. Originally I was looking for a manicure to go with yesterday’s theme “features hearts” and I was just looking for any manicures with hearts on them. I had a few, because hearts are a pretty simple way to dress up your nails. But what I realized was that one of these manicures was ACTUALLY inspired by “love.” I was hanging out with the bf and trying to figure out what to do on my nails (and probably glowering at him since I dislike not having any ideas). So I asked him, “What should the theme of my nails be?” To which he responded, “Love,” sentimental one that he is (I think hanging out with me puts him in a good mood or something :P). So I probably glowered at him some more, because a) that is a very abstract theme and b) I really wanted to use blue for some reason. But then I got it!


So these nails were literally inspired by love. The word love was the inspiration and I guess you could call it double inspired since my boyfriend came up with it. Meta-love! my-little-pony-nails

My mom said these reminded her of My Little Pony, which I found pretty funny and rather accurate.


enjoy the other ladies’ manicures today!

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