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Ironman 3!

Aaaaahhhh! I’m going to go see Ironman 3 tonight! I don’t know why I am so damn excited though. I may love superheroes, but this level of excitement is kind of weird. I guess I just get excited when I have a social life, because it is very sporadic.

So in honor of Ironman (and to be totally honest, in hopes of some repins!) I made an Ironman manicure.

I mentioned my new Winstonia plates last post, but what I also got from them were some detailing brushes. And OH MY GOODNESS, do I love the tiny one! I have never had such a wonderful brush! It allowed me to create on of my more detailed accent nails.

The gold bursts are made using tape in an idea I took from Nailside! She’s darn good at tape manicures and has really inspired me to start trying to use it! I’m pretty good with straight lines on my own, but the crispness produced by using tape is quite nice. I didn’t use the actual tutorial, and looking at it now, it makes sense why I was having so many issues with getting my triangles the way I wanted them. There needs to be 4 triangles, not 3! This is the manicure that actually inspired me (which I had a really difficult time finding when I searched for it. Turns out it was a guest post she wrote for someone else’s blog. Which means they get the benefit of my backlinking too!).

Check out the arc reactor on my thumb! The eyes and the arc reactor glow in the dark, but I was not having any success getting a picture of that. Maybe if I tried the real camera instead of my phone…

I used OPI Goldeneye for the gold (layered on Bright Gold by Kleancolors)Rimmel Blood Red for the red (it looks NOTHING like blood, but is a perfect Ironman shimmer). I cannot get enough of Goldeneye, but I am still looking for a similarly bright gold that doesn’t need to be layered on top of another gold. Comment with any suggestions!